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Adventures in dance after high school

When is it too late to start dance? Answer: Never! Blogger Jennifer Pandelidis gives you a look into the world of dance in post-secondary schools.

You may have danced competitively growing up, maybe you took some classes as a teenager or maybe you don’t even know what an arabesque is…yet. If dancing is something you love to do or something you’d like to try out, there are many options out there, such as your local community centre or a nearby a dance studio that offers drop-in classes. I never received formal training growing up. I was more of a late-bloomer, if you will. For me, university is where I found my love for dance.

During my first year, one my friends asked me to watch her year-end dance recital her dance club was putting on. I debated about actually going. Sure, dance was interesting and dance could be entertaining, but was watching university students prance around a stage really how I wanted to spend my Saturday night?

My friend persuaded me to go and assured me it was going to be a fun evening. About 15 minutes into the show, something suddenly came over me. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the costumes and makeup, or maybe it was simply the movement. Whatever it was I wanted to dance, I wanted to be a part of this show. Of course, I had my hesitation. I thought to myself, am I too old to start dance? Am I too inexperienced? Does it matter that I don’t have a “dancer’s body”? Well, apparently I just happen to stumble upon a place where none of this mattered: a university dance club.

For the next few years of my university career, I joined the campus dance club and would go on to take classes in lyrical, tap, jazz and Irish dancing. I would become an assistant teacher and even choreograph a duet with the very friend who convinced me to attend the recital. I developed strong friendships and bonds over a now common interest… And not pat myself on my own back, too much; I even ended up winning a few awards along the way. From foot thongs to flap ball changes and from leotards to chasse, I became immersed in this whole other world I had never known.

Each month I’ll be exploring the world of university and college dance clubs, teams, as well as dance after high school. Check out my next post when I take a look at what post-secondary schools offer dance clubs/teams for students across Canada!
Posted: Nov 08, 2012 By WantToDance.ca | with 1 Comment

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Great article about the after high-school dance world! I am an aspiring studio owner from Edmonton, AB, who will be offering classes specific to those who have graduated. I love hearing stories of people who find a place for dance in their lives... even if it is after the typical start date. The older you get, the more wise and self aware you become, so starting dance at this point in your life brings that element of maturity, expression and appreciation that does not typically exists as strongly in children. Thank you for the inspiration!
14/11/2012 2:16:47 PM