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From the Expert: Looking at University Dance Recitals Part II

Submitted by Jackielou Perez on May 15, 2013

Blogger Jennifer Pandelidis revisits Queens University and gets to know the choreographers of Queen's Dance Club.

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From the Expert: Looking at University Dance Recitals Part I

Submitted by WantToDance.ca on Apr 04, 2013

With term papers, midterms and project due dates closing in, university students truly experience March madness, but for university dancers there is one more event to add to their to do list: the year-end recital.

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From the Expert: Looking at Dalhousie University Dance Club

Submitted by WantToDance.ca on Mar 05, 2013

DalDanceLast month, blogger Jennifer Pandelidis looked at Brock University, this month I was able to look east and explore what Dalhousie University has to offer for dancers!

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From the Expert: Looking at Brock Univeristy Dance Club

Submitted by WantToDance.ca on Feb 06, 2013

Thanks to Brock University’s dance club, Brock Dance, I was able to discover what I consider now, a life long passion. As a continuation of my previous post about dance leaders, I was able to sit down with the current presidents who are celebrating the club's 10th anniversary.

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From the Expert: Looking at Queens Univeristy Dance Club

Submitted by WantToDance.ca on Jan 09, 2013

After preaching the positives of university dance clubs in her previous posts, blogger Jennifer Pandelidis decided to investigate further and talk to university club leaders in Canada. This post has her chatting with the presidents of Queens' Dance Club in Ontario.

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From the Expert: University Dance Clubs

Submitted by WantToDance.ca on Dec 03, 2012

So what exactly are university dance clubs? What’s available in Canada? How they are run? Blogger and former university dance club member Jennifer Pandelidis answers these burnign questions and more!

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Guest Post: Boys in Dance

Submitted by WantToDance.ca on Jun 13, 2012

So you have a son! And your son wants to take dance! You as his parent may or may not have that moment of, “Wait… why dance? Why not football or soccer or hockey? Sheena Jeffers offers nine reasons why we need more males in dance.

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From the Expert: Men in the dance industry never have it easy

Submitted by Kevin Sateri on May 31, 2012

Experiences working as a professional dancer in the industry have given him insight into what it takes to have longevity in this business and succeed as a male in the dance industry.

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From the Expert: What it takes to become a successful dancer

Submitted by Kevin Sateri on Apr 26, 2012

The community of working dancers is a small, elite one. But there is always room for fresh faces to infuse energy and talent into new projects. Professional dancer Kevin Sateri gives a few tips on how you can be one of them!

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Essential Viewing of the Non-Narrative Ballet: The Second Installment

Submitted by Katharine Harris on Mar 28, 2012

It’s time for Katharine Harris' second installment of Essential Viewing in Non-Narrative Ballet. The next piece of non-narrative ballet is focused on is Jerome Robbins’ Glass Pieces.

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