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From the Expert: Looking at University Dance Recitals Part I

With term papers, midterms and project due dates closing in, university students truly experience March madness, but for university dancers there is one more event to add to their to do list: the year-end recital. Blogger Jennifer Pandelidis takes revisits Queen's Dance Club.

For most university clubs, this recital marks the end of another dancing season, giving students an opportunity to showcase their skills that they have developed over the past academic year and to celebrate their love of dance with family and friends.

Back in January, I took a look at Queen’s Dance Club (QDC) and explored what this club had to offer. QDC presidents Jessy Merritt and Brianna Roberts were kind enough to invite me to their club’s year-end recital and while there, I was able to watch some amazing dancing!

The show started off strong with a comical video introduction by QDC’s execs and choreographers, where they were forced into hiding from Gangnam Style dancing zombies. This creative intro set the mood of what was to come; celebrating QDC and the love these students have for dance.

This was reinforced with fun numbers such a Cardiofunk routine to ‘It’s Raining Men’ and a hip-hop, jazz fusion dance video which acted as a tribute to the music of Justin Timberlake.

Of course, the recital had the more traditional dances, such as ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop, but the finale, an extra independent number, titled “Nothing Left to Lose” truly took my breath away. A contemporary routine performed by a group of students, the combination of technique and raw emotion created an unforgettably powerful routine.

The show ended with the choreographers/teachers and execs back on stage for one last dance number, each showcasing their individual dance styles. There was an overwhelming positive reception from the audience, giving proof that the QDC’s community loves to dance.

Check back later in the month for Part II, where I sit down with three choreographers from QDC and reminisce about childhood recitals!
Posted: Apr 04, 2013 By WantToDance.ca | with 0 Comments

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