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Dance 101

Summer Dance Intensives, Why Do It?

By Irene Booth | updated March 05, 2012

We're more than halfway through the dance season and recitals haven't even kicked into gear yet. But it doesn't mean it's too early to start thinking about summer dance intensives/camps/workshops!
A summer dance program is an exceptional way for children to learn various opportunities and explore all types of dance. During this time, students progress quickly and experience a new approach to learning with exciting new teachers and choreographers.
Most studios will offer a wide range of dance genres to include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop. Emphasis is generally placed on overall dance technique and working to advance the dancer’s artistic skills.
Choose a summer dance program that offers the disciplines that will enhance your child’s needs. This of course will depend on the age of the child and what is the most important type of dance they want to focus on.

A younger child would benefit from a program that offers a range of classes, and different style of dance, where an older student would most likely prefer to choose an intensive program that will provide a certain degree of challenge to help strengthen the abilities and focus on their individual needs.

Teachers incorporate summer dance programs into their studios for various reasons. Most of which allows them to focus on the individual needs of a child. Incorporating all of the important aspects in training such as strength, flexibility and style and most important increasing the child’s knowledge in dance.

In such a short amount of time both the instructors and students gain valuable lessons learned during summer dance training.

Parents will begin exploring the options for their children’s dance needs. Why not get a head start this year and take a look at this year's intensives and workshops dance schools across Canada are offering?
Cheers to a summer of dance intensives!

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irene.JPGIrene Booth has been teaching for over 29 years. From an early age, Irene devoted her time in learning all aspects of the dance world. A mentor and registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance, she operates an established dance school on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and enjoys adjudicating competitions and festivals all across Canada.